Game UX Summit '22 on site Sept 21-23 hosted by Bungie!

Two days of summit + One day of Masterclasses in the Seattle area!


GAME UX SUMMIT is the first professional UX event dedicated to the video game industry. It brings together renowned speakers from various game development disciplines through the lens of UX.

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2022: The Game UX Summit will be hosted by Bungie in the Seattle area on Sept 21-22 and Masterclasses on Sept 23. Check it out now!

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Lille, France 2019 (hosted by Plaine Images)
● Vancouver 2018 (hosted by Electronic Arts)
● Toronto 2017 (hosted by Ubisoft Toronto)
● Durham, NC 2016 (hosted by Epic Games)

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GAME UX SUMMIT 2020  ///  Online Dec 11th

The next in-person GAME UX SUMMIT will be hosted by Bungie when it’s safe to do so.
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CELIA HODENT (Summit Chair)

Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience and psychology in video game design and in the development of UX strategy and process in game studios. She is also the founder and curator of the Game UX Summit, which launched in Durham, NC, in May of 2016, hosted by Epic Games.

La Plaine Images supports the development and growth of the creative industries, including the video game industry, and works to advance the expansion and convergence of knowledge among individuals and organizations within those industries.

We welcome you to come and share the latest trends on creating an amazing player experience, discuss current best practices, and collaborate on how to keep raising the bar on creating amazing UX for the world’s players.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event!

Check this awesome video of our last event in Lille!

Game UX Summit Chair

Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience (UX) and cognitive science in the game industry. Celia holds a PhD in psychology and has over ten years of experience in the development of UX strategy and processes in video game studios. Through her work at Ubisoft (e.g. Rainbow 6 franchise), LucasArts (Star Wars: 1313), and as Director of UX at Epic Games (Fortnite), she has contributed to many projects across multiple platforms, from PC to consoles, mobiles, and VR. Celia is also the founder and chair of the Game UX Summit, advisor for the GDC UX Summit, and author of The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can Impact Video Game Design

She currently works as an independent consultant, helping studios increase the likelihood of their games to be engaging and successful.

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