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” The Game UX Summit is the first professional UX event dedicated to the video game industry. Its purpose is to allow game user experience professionals and advocates to discuss the current state of UX in our industry, share best practices, and spread our love for science and compelling experiences. This summit brings together renowned speakers from various UX-related disciplines: Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, UX Design, User Research, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and more. “
Celia Hodent
Game UX Consultant, Game UX Summit Chair
Started in 2016 as a unique opportunity for attendees to network and share their passion for UX in gaming, this year’s Game UX Summit 2017 was held in Toronto on October 4-6, and hosted by Ubisoft Toronto. Comprised of three full days of talks, panels, and intensive masterclasses led by industry experts, Game UX Summit travels annually to a new city and is hosted by a different Studio. Follow #GAMEUXSUMMIT on Twitter for news and updates.
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